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Season 2 Episode 1: Remember When?

Kicking off season two on an almost-anniversary in my hometown!  On July 20, 1977, Johnstown, Pennsylvania experienced its worst flood since 1889, as a result of what's been called a "5,000-year storm." Learn about the flood, the preparations that failed, and my own memories of "Flood Night."

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Season 2 Episode 2: Aged To Perfection

Meet Char Potochar, a retiree who proves that age is just a number!  After a random trip-and-fall temporarily sidelined her from her favorite athletic activities, Char looked around for something new to try - and became a member of the Orlando Magic Silver Stars dance team.

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Season 2 Episode 3: Living Your Best Life

Meet Annie Passarello, a dynamic woman who refuses to settle into a conventional routine and instead makes a living - and a life - following her heart wherever it takes her!

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Season 2 Episode 4: Stupid Cancer

Meet Lisa Lee, a 19-year breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed as a newlywed with her whole life ahead of her. She chose to take her experience and use it to help others - from counseling new patients and their loved ones to advocating for metastatic breast cancer research. 

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Season 2 Episode 5: Our Future

Meet Ben Raygor, a young man and Boy Scout who decided early on that he would go into a career in which he could help those in need.  He is now completing the project that will earn him the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout - and when it came time to decide what that project would be, he looked no further than the community that welcomed him in exploring his future goals.

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Season 2 Episode 6: In Your Own Backyard

Meet Stacey Pearson and Wesley Shaffer, two residents of Stoystown, Pennsylvania who decided not to let Wesley's family farm languish in disuse, but dove in and turned it into a community where people can connect, have fun, explore their dreams, and challenge themselves to live their best lives!

Season 2: Finale Episode

Season two is a wrap!  Hear my thoughts on how it went and learn what's coming for season three!