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What About Thanksgiving?

The day after Halloween - November 1 - I noticed the Christmas commercials. A week or so *before* Halloween, I noticed the Christmas displays in the stores. Over the weekend, I noticed people commenting/complaining on Facebook that they're already hearing Christmas carols on the radio.

I know the Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year, but I don't remember it ever starting THIS early before.

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the Christmas holiday, and I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, sometimes even Thanksgiving night. There's a warmth and coziness that comes with living amongst pretty lights and sparkles and and fresh greenery and baking smells and the spirit of giving that you don't get the rest of the year - but to me, that's sort of the point.

It's like the McRib. If McDonald's had it on the menu year-round, would there be a McRib frenzy every single day? Of course not. Thanks to smart marketing, McDonald's turned it into a novelty that's only available once a year, so people appreciate it all the more when it's around and snap it up like crazy. If it were *always* available, it would lose its appeal, and people wouldn't eat it nearly as often or as much.

Not that I'm comparing baby Jesus to the McRib, but you get what I mean.

For me, everything has its season, and November is the time to be especially thankful. Summer harvest is over and stored away so we have plenty to eat. Summer leaves turn brilliant colors as they disappear until next year so we can enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Summer heat gives way to brisk chills so we can draw in and be cozy and appreciate the snug security of home with our loved ones. Summer busyness and activities and on-the-go plans have come to an end so we can slow down and recognize how blessed we are.

I don't want to rush this.

The Christmas season and all its joy will come soon enough, and when it does, I'll throw myself into it. But in the meantime, I'm going to savor the season of Thanksgiving.

Have a great week!


Just one example of the beauty of the Thanksgiving season.


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