• Cheryl

Welcome to "Anything But Routine!"

This is me - the voice of "Anything But Routine"

I'm so glad you're here!

Hopefully you've listened to at least one episode of season 1 - or, if you haven't, you're planning to - so you have a pretty good idea of the purpose of "Anything But Routine." There are so many things I would love to share in each episode that just aren't feasible due to time constraints, and so many of my own personal thoughts and experiences that could make for episodes in and of themselves. Everything that can't make it onto the air during the season will make it into this blog, as well as everything that takes place during season hiatus so we don't lose momentum while the new season is being put together. I hope you'll stop by often and catch up - kind of like stopping by for a cup of coffee and a good chat!

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments - I love hearing from listeners!

Stay positive, be an inspiration, and have a great week!



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