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The Grind

I actually DON'T mean my favorite coffeehouse, The Morning Grind in Johnstown, PA- today's blog post is about my daily grind. But since I don't have an appropriate photo to represent my daily grind, here's a photo of THAT Grind. If you live in the Johnstown area and you've never been, seriously, you need to go there.


Have you ever felt like you have all sorts of wheels spinning and spinning, but you're not getting any traction? That's how I've been feeling lately. I have all kinds of ideas, and I'm working on most of them, but I'm not getting anywhere with any of them. I work at them every single day, but I have little to show for it, and so I feel unproductive and, for lack of a better phrase, not legit. It's incredibly frustrating, and I obviously need a change-up of some kind. I suppose the logical explanation is that I'm spreading myself too thin, and I'm devoting a smidge of attention to many things instead of devoting all of my attention to only one or two things. Or simply that my approach to these many things is off, and I need to come up with another way.

I'm looking at both of those ideas, deciding what can stay and what can do, brainstorming new plans of attack. The beauty of life is that there's always an opportunity to start over. Sometimes it's handed to us; other times, we need to create it ourselves, and it's not always easy. But we can.

The third season of "Anything But Routine" is also grinding along, slowly and steadily, and at least this is something I can feel good about. I love doing this podcast - I love the creativity that goes into producing it. I know that no matter what happens, no matter what I decide to do with this life I've been given a second chance at, I will always be an artist of some kind. And that will never change.

Have a great weekend!


The Morning Grind Coffeehouse. Cozy atmosphere and awesome coffee (and tea) drinks.


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