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Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed

For those "Anything But Routine" fans in the U.S., next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving, I was facing a lumpectomy and waiting for more test results that would determine the course of my breast cancer treatment, stressed to no end from all the interminable waiting that had taken place since my diagnosis on October 2. Thanksgiving 2018 wasn't the best Thanksgiving I'd ever had, and I'd told my love I wanted to have *another* Thanksgiving dinner when I was finished with treatment, whenever that happened to be. He agreed. And so next week will be our *second* Thanksgiving of 2019, the first one having taken place at the end of March of this year.

The March Thanksgiving dinner was a good one, but things were still a bit raw after the preceding months, both physically and emotionally. So this coming Thanksgiving will be my first "normal" Thanksgiving since 2017, and there is truly so much to be thankful for.

It's so easy to watch the news or just glance over the headlines and feel like the world is coming to an end, or at least civil society as we know it. And it's true that there are so many bad things happening out there, and they keep happening with no sign of letting up - as I said in the pilot episode of "Anything But Routine," bad things and negativity have become routine. And as I also said in the pilot, this was exactly what prompted me to create "Anything But Routine" - to focus on the good things, the positive, so as not to be bogged down and fearful and pessimistic over the state of the world today. I try to find these things every day, not just at this time of year, but it makes me especially excited for Thanksgiving, that special day to be with loved ones who are also thankful and happy.

And let's face it, the awesome food only adds to the specialness. :-)

Reasons I'm thankful, grateful, and blessed this year: I'm fully healed from all my surgeries and radiation, with no complications, and there's no sign that the cancer has stuck around or returned. My family is healthy and whole. My love continues to love me and stand by me and believe in me and cheer me on and make me laugh and encourage me to pursue my dreams. I'm back to regular exercise at last and am getting stronger every day. I've made new friends. "Anything But Routine" is halfway through its third season and continues to bring me so much joy to work on. And I'm about to embark on a professional venture I never, ever thought I would get to do (more on that later!).

We're still about six weeks out from the New Year, but 2020 is already shaping up as something be excited about, and I can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever you are, and I wish you nothing but countless blessings.

Have a great weekend!



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