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On Hiatus

Happy belated new year!

I love New Year's. I know that, technically, you can "start over" anytime you want, but there's something about a brand-new calendar that inspires me. I love coming up with goals to accomplish over the next 12 months, both personal and professional, and trying to imagine where I might be by then.

One of those goals is "Anything But Routine." As I said in the season three finale episode, I've been considering a number of directions in which I might take the podcast, and have put it on hiatus until spring. This goes for this blog, as well. I want the two to be linked, two halves of a whole, and that hasn't really happened thus far. So until I decide what to do with one, the other is put on hold, as well. There's so much potential for both the podcast and the blog, and I want to make sure they're both the best they can be!

I'll be sure to announce when "Anything But Routine" is back online, and I hope you'll check in and see what's going on, and take the next step of this fantastic journey with me!

Till then, I hope the first few months of 2020 treat you well and give you lots of inspiration to achieve your goals for this new year!

Have a great weekend!


See you in a few months!


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