• Cheryl

Friday Night: Work Week Wrap-Up

It’s Friday! Not that that means a whole lot these days, though, right? When you work from home, either on a regular basis or as a lot of people have been doing for the past month, it doesn’t take long before the days all feel the same and there’s no distinction between the start of the weekend and, say, Tuesday. But since I started working from home a few years ago, I’ve tried to NOT work on weekends. And with Casey working from home now, too, weekends are definitely still weekends - he has his weekend projects and things he likes to do on Saturdays and Sundays. So we’re still maintaining some normalcy in that regard, at least.

Today’s blog post is a “work week wrap-up” entry. I left my regular job in August of 2017 to launch my voiceover business, CGindles Productions. Since then, I’ve begun pursuing other creative endeavors, too, so I have a number of different things going on all at the same time, and all in different stages of development. Every day is different, and sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed; everything I’m working on, I’ve started from scratch, which means I’ve had to teach myself and feel my way through a lot of areas. And sometimes it feels like I’m making no progress at all, especially when I’m researching and just figuring out what needs to be done - the end of the day rolls around, and I feel like I have nothing concrete to show for it. It gets frustrating. But I love it. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to pursue my own interests, with Casey’s blessing and enthusiastic support, and I get so excited to bounce ideas off him and show him what I’ve done each time I complete a step.

I had three big goals this week, and I accomplished MOST of what I wanted to get done - not everything. There were a few lingering issues to address with “Anything But Routine 2.0,” and I did take care of those, which was good - that was at the top of my list. The website is now running smoothly. I’ve worked out my social media posting schedule, which I’m sure will be tweaked and refined as time goes on, just like with anything new - nothing is set in stone, and sometimes you just need to pick a place and START! I still need to resolve some issues with filming vlogs, mainly camera issues. But otherwise, everything else is DONE. The past two weeks have been spent building the new website, learning how to edit videos, wiping the social media accounts and starting over, and getting everything in place for the relaunch. Now I get to sit back, breathe a sigh of relief, and start having fun with it. THIS is the phase that makes all the stress that comes before it worthwhile.

Next on the goals list was my voiceover recording software. The software I was trained on and had been using since launching CGP is no longer compatible with my operating software; normally, a few months after each OS update, the recording software company puts out a correlating update, so I’ve been waiting for it . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. Finally, after plenty of questions from the general public, they announced that there likely will NOT be an updated version to work with this new OS. I’d already been scouting out different recording software options, because it wasn’t as though what I’d been using was without its faults - it would refuse to load, freeze on me, wipe out tracks I’d already recorded so I’d have to start over - so this cinched the deal. I downloaded a new program this week and have begun playing around with it - ie, I’m teaching myself something new again. Fortunately, it’s been a very slow time for CGP, so I have a bit of a breather. It’s challenging, because I’m not a sound engineer by any means - I understand the most basic of basic concepts - and now I don’t have my voice acting instructor to walk me through the setup and audio adjustments. And this software may not suit my needs, which means I’ll be starting all over again with the next option on the list. But at least now I can move forward instead of waiting around and dealing with the old software hassles.

My third main goal this week was to start the next editing round on my novel, “Beached.” And here, I need to be completely honest and ‘fess up: when there are a number of things that need to be done, for whatever reason, it’s always my writing that gets put onto the back burner. I don’t know why. I love writing, I love the book I’ve written, I absolutely cannot wait to publish it for other people to read - and yet I always tend to knock it down to the bottom of the priority list. And that’s what happened again this week. I started the second full read-through yesterday but haven’t gotten very far, so it’s going back on the “Top Three” goals list for next week. And I HAVE to get it done next week, or I’m not going to meet the publishing deadline I’ve set for myself.

And so another work week is on the books, and now I get to enjoy the weekend and regroup for Monday. I do like to brainstorm on weekends - for me, that’s one of the fun parts of being an entrepreneur; the sky’s the limit when you’re dreaming - and I have some ideas I want to kick around. But I’ll do that in front of “Dateline” and “48 Hours.” I can’t miss my true crime TV!

Have a great weekend!