• Cheryl

Friday Night Happy Hour: Creative Week!

It’s Friday Night Happy Hour on a three-day weekend - Memorial Day weekend here in the U.S. - and this has been an incredibly motivating week!

Not without frustrations, mind you. I mentioned before that I’d recorded a Zoom interview with a breast cancer survivor in her 30s who’s now training for the Boston marathon, and I went to upload it on Wednesday for Lump Day, but whether it’s the video format or our spotty Internet signal way out in God’s country, the thing won’t upload to YouTube - in six hours, I think I maxed out at 10%. Which is incredibly annoying, because I have so many other idea of people I want to Zoom with and share - past subjects of old-format “Anything But Routine” episodes as well as new ones - and if I can’t get the final product shareable, that certainly complicates things. I’m working on both reformatting the video as well as attempting another upload at a location with a much stronger signal, to see if either of these work. If I can finally make it happen, Janelle’s interview will FINALLY be available for viewing next Lump Day, May 27.

I have another video I’m putting together that I filmed a week ago. Casey and his mom raise and maintain three honeybee hives, and I tagged along while they were checking the hives and treating for mites and restocking the bees’ food supply - until the bees have made enough honey to sustain themselves, they need outside sustenance. It’s a fascinating process and so cool to see the insides of the hives, and I’ve been wanting to share it for awhile. And I only got stung once, which isn’t bad considering I was totally NOT wearing a beekeeper suit (fortunately, Casey and his mom were!). This video was filmed on my phone, so I’m hoping that YouTube might like this format better. I haven’t even worked with the raw footage yet, so it’s still a ways off in coming, but look for that soon on a Country Time Tuesday.

Speaking of, in case you missed it - I launched a new blog category this week, called Country Time Tuesday, in which I’ll be sharing tidbits of my everyday life in the country. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile, too, and I’m excited to finally have it up and running. Between this, Wednesday Lump Day, and Friday Happy Hour, I’ve now got all the blogging opportunities I’ve been wanting.

And in other writing news, my first novel, “Beached,” went to two Beta readers, and one of them has already finished it, saying she couldn’t put it down, and had nothing but rave reviews! And the other Beta is still working her way through it but has also given it a thumbs-up! The joy that brings me - to know that others are enjoying and having fun with a story I had a blast writing - is like no other feeling in the world. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy voice acting and the different kind of creativity it allows me. But writing has and will always be my first love because of this - the ability to give others an escape, to make up stories and bring readers into my world and turn them loose to have fun with it like I do. The positive feedback I’ve gotten so far has given me that much more inspiration to start working with Book 2 in the series and seeing how soon I could release it after Book 1 - and how many more in the series I might be able to put outbid the end of the year. The wheels are spinning and the creative juices are flowing, and I’m so excited to see how far I can take it!

So my own holiday weekend will likely be a working one, but I use the term “working” loosely - to me, writing isn’t work (at least not most of the time!). I’m looking forward to seeing what all I come up with.

A wonderful holiday weekend to you!