• Cheryl

Friday Happy Hour: The Technological Generation Gap

You guys, it’s so frustrating to be on the far side of the technological generation gap.

I’ve been wresting with my recorded Zoom interview with Janelle Heiserman, a breast cancer survivor who’s become a cancer awareness advocate on college campuses and is fundraising for cancer research by training for the Boston Marathon. It’s edited and ready to go - no small feat, since I had to teach myself iMovie - and I thought, okay, I’ll upload it to the “Anything But Routine” YouTube channel and be good to go. Easy!

Except it wasn’t, because apparently YouTube doesn’t like the format it’s in.

I poked around, trying to see if I could convert it to another format - nope. So I separated the audio from the video, edited THAT, and attempted to upload it to YouTube.

It still doesn’t like the format.


Okay. So I took the audio and tried to upload it by itself onto the “Anything But Routine” website. THIS should work, I thought.

It didn’t work. It’s apparently “too long” for the audio player plugin available to me.

I compressed it in a zip file and tried again.



There has to be something I’m missing, some easy fix, but because I’m old, it’s escaping me. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. I really want to share this interview, because Janelle is such a sweetheart and has taken such an inspirational approach to Life After Breast Cancer.

I’m kicking around some other possible avenues, some of which involve resurrecting the original “Anything But Routine” podcast, which I would certainly have no problem with, but then I need to decide how to repackage it to bring it into line with ABR 2.0.

As for ABR 2.0 itself, I want to tweak some things with it, as well. So there are lots of creative decisions afoot. Which is a fun part of being your own Head Honcho.

So that’s pretty much been my week. Not as much accomplished as I’d hoped, but I AM having fun with Instagram - Planner Mondays and Black Cat Fridays are two of my favorite things to do. Which has me wondering whether or not to move toward more of an emphasis on Instagram.