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Today is my 48th birthday, and my first birthday since cancer. A lot of cancer survivors count the day they were declared cancer-free as a birthday, and I probably will, too (once I determine exactly which day that is - my lumpectomy anniversary? My last day of treatment? Honestly, I'm not sure). But my BIRTH DAY birthday has been a favorite day of mine to celebrate for years, and considering my last few were kind of tough to swallow as I've inched closer and closer to *GASP!* 50, I'm actually thrilled to have this one.

As the dust has settled since treatment ended and physical therapy wrapped up, the reality - and the gravity - of the whole experience has settled in, and I find myself thinking about things I didn't think about before, and in ways I never would have considered. Like my birthday. I'd always figured the "I'm just glad I'm around for another one!" mentality was reserved for people in their 90s, but I caught myself thinking it a few times the past few weeks. And the fact that I'm now only two years from *GASP!* 50 doesn't bother me anymore; instead, I hope that I get there.

This is true of ALL of us, of course - the old AND the young, the sick AND the healthy. Things happen. As my love says, when it's your time, it's your time, and he's right. I, for one, prefer not to think about it if I can help it, but it's true. I'd rather choose to turn it around and enjoy the moment, and be grateful and happy that I have another moment to enjoy. I have to confess that this was something I didn't really do a whole lot of before my diagnosis. I'm much better about it now. I no longer think in terms of "someday" - if there's something I want to do, I don't wait to do it anymore; I just go do it! And I make a conscious effort every day to appreciate the intangible things - the golden rays of the sunset on the hay fields across the way, the taste of my new favorite Keurig drink (has anyone else discovered the McCafe French Vanilla Latte K-cups??), driving with the windows down, the brand-new season of "Stranger Things" (I mean, who wouldn't appreciate THAT wait being over??).

My 47th year brought a lot of hell, that's for sure. But it also brought so much good that I don't think could have been made clear to me any other way. I can't wait to see what 48 brings to help me grow even more.

My love's birthday gift to me - pink flowers and a beautiful red maple tree! He remembered that red maples are my favorite.

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What a busy couple of weeks! I'd thought when Season 1 was finished that I would have some downtime to focus on my novel before digging into putting together Season 2, but not a chance!

It's been a busy summer in general, work wise, and I'm absolutely loving it. I'd mentioned during the season that I started my voiceover business in August of 2017, and CGP was barely a year old when the ominous doctors' reports and test results started coming in that ultimately led to my breast cancer diagnosis on October 2, 2018. From that point until my radiation treatment ended on March 8, 2019, work took a backseat. I was tremendously fortunate to be in a situation where I could do that without having to worry about requesting so much time off for appointments and sick days, not to mention the difficulty in getting to a good place mentally so I could focus. The downside was that any growth and forward momentum stalled. I was antsy, and I missed working, and I looked forward to being able to wrap up my cancer treatments and all my doctor visits and jump back into it. I actually kept a running list of everything I wanted to do once I finally got my life back!

And I've been checking things off left and right! I studied and took the leap over the generation gap and learned how to use social media for business. I learned how to build a website. I launched not only the new "Anything But Routine" website but also the new CGindles Production website. I completely redesigned and rebranded CGP. And in the midst of all that, the July 16 premiere date of Season 2 started sneaking up on me, and I realized it was time to get moving again and decide what to spotlight throughout the new season.

Season 2 is coming along a bit easier than Season 1 - I have a better sense of what I'm doing now and what I want to change from the first time around, when I was still learning as I went along. At first, I was worried I wouldn't be able to find enough things to talk about, but it wasn't long before I realized that just like with anything, when you start looking for something specific, you realize it's all around you. I love that I get to devote an entire podcast to positive things, inspirational stories, and when I sat down to plan out the Season 2 format, I found I had no shortage of things to talk about. There is so much inspiration in this world. Doing this podcast is teaching me that I don't have to look far. I hope it's teaching you, too!

The premiere episode is "in the can," as they say in the voiceover industry, and I'll start writing episode 2 today and hopefully have that recorded and edited and bounced before the long July 4 weekend. I'm still finalizing the rest of the season spotlights, and I'm having so much fun doing it - the beauty comes from knowing that what doesn't fit into season 2 can always make it into season 3!

What are you busy with this summer? Do you have a summer bucket list? Sometimes the planning and anticipation is just as fantastic as the doing, isn't it? Comment below and let me know what you're up to!

Have a great weekend!


This is where each episode of "Anything But Routine" is born - my own in-home recording booth.

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This is me - the voice of "Anything But Routine"

I'm so glad you're here!

Hopefully you've listened to at least one episode of season 1 - or, if you haven't, you're planning to - so you have a pretty good idea of the purpose of "Anything But Routine." There are so many things I would love to share in each episode that just aren't feasible due to time constraints, and so many of my own personal thoughts and experiences that could make for episodes in and of themselves. Everything that can't make it onto the air during the season will make it into this blog, as well as everything that takes place during season hiatus so we don't lose momentum while the new season is being put together. I hope you'll stop by often and catch up - kind of like stopping by for a cup of coffee and a good chat!

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and comments - I love hearing from listeners!

Stay positive, be an inspiration, and have a great week!


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