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Everything around us is different from the way it was just a week ago, isn't it? We can't go out and about the way we're used to doing. We can't socialize the way we want to. We can't go through toilet paper as carelessly as we normally do.

The world changes. Our lives change. Big things and little things change.

And so does "Anything But Routine."

Before I went on hiatus this past winter, I explained that I would be taking a break to evaluate ABR and decide in which direction I wanted to take the podcast and the blog. And after a LOT of evaluating and soul-searching, I realized exactly what I want to do with it.

There are quite a few changes coming in the next month or so. Season 4 will be launching soon, and I'd hoped to start incorporating some of those changes, but thanks to Coronacation, the presentation format will be the same as it's been all along. However, this upcoming season will be very much a "transitional" season, from the old ABR to the new. I'm still all about celebrating the good and the positive - especially these days! - so don't worry about that going away. But there are some added components and all new stories to tell from a totally different angle, too - if not in season 4, then definitely beginning with season 5.

I'm excited about what's coming, and I wish I could share more, but it's still a work in progress. As of right now, season 4 will begin in mid- to late April, and I'll explain everything in the premiere episode. I hope you'll be on board and will be excited about the new direction, too.

Till then - stay safe, stay sanitized, and don't use all the toilet paper. I'll be back in touch in a few weeks!


There's an all-new "Anything But Routine" in the works!

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  • Cheryl

Happy belated new year!

I love New Year's. I know that, technically, you can "start over" anytime you want, but there's something about a brand-new calendar that inspires me. I love coming up with goals to accomplish over the next 12 months, both personal and professional, and trying to imagine where I might be by then.

One of those goals is "Anything But Routine." As I said in the season three finale episode, I've been considering a number of directions in which I might take the podcast, and have put it on hiatus until spring. This goes for this blog, as well. I want the two to be linked, two halves of a whole, and that hasn't really happened thus far. So until I decide what to do with one, the other is put on hold, as well. There's so much potential for both the podcast and the blog, and I want to make sure they're both the best they can be!

I'll be sure to announce when "Anything But Routine" is back online, and I hope you'll check in and see what's going on, and take the next step of this fantastic journey with me!

Till then, I hope the first few months of 2020 treat you well and give you lots of inspiration to achieve your goals for this new year!

Have a great weekend!


See you in a few months!

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Christmas is only a few days away now, and I have enjoyed this holiday season more than I have in years! I love all the farmhouse decorations and listening to classic Christmas carols in the living room each evening, and I’m even enjoying the snow we’ve been getting lately - the last few years, winter hasn’t arrived until well after New Year’s, so having a white Christmas is adding to my festive mood. The presents are all wrapped and waiting under the tree, and the Christmas cookies are all baked as of Wednesday. It’s going to be hard when the holidays are over and “real life” returns - but at least I still have two more weeks!

However, as fortunate as so many of us are to be able to enjoy all the trappings of the Christmas season, we need to remember that there are also so many who can’t enjoy “real life,” much less Christmas, because they simply don’t have enough to eat. It’s easy to get caught up in the lights and the gifts and the holiday cheer and forget that this isn’t the norm for everyone.

There is still time to join in on Anything But Routine’s “Helping For The Holidays” mission and donate to the Franklin Street United Methodist Church Food Pantry in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. They always have plenty of people to feed year-round, but it’s especially crucial this time of year. So if you haven’t already, please consider making a donation for Christmas. You don’t have to live in the area in order to help - financial donations are used to purchase what food needs the area food bank can’t provide. If you’d like to make a financial donation, you may send a check, made out to United Methodist Human Services, with “food pantry” noted on the memo line. The mailing address is: United Methodist Human Services, Franklin Street United Methodist Church, 510 Locust Street, Johnstown, PA, 15901.

If you do live locally and you’d like to donate food or other supplies, you may take your donation to the Franklin Street church between 9:00am - noon, Monday through Thursday. The pantry is open each Tuesday morning, 9:30-11:30.

Christmas is a time for giving. Let’s embrace the spirit and give this basic necessity to others so they can better enjoy the season. And if you have indeed made a donation, thank you so much!

I wish you all a very happy holiday season - see you in 2020!


Help to make these racks as full as possible!

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